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About QPD (Quality Power Dynamics) Speakers LLC

2008-qpd-motorized-speakers-inside-img1The QPD (Quality Power Dynamics) Speaker team has specialized in the design & production of in-wall and ceiling speakers since 2007. QPD provides professional fixed installation and fully motorized ceiling speakers for commercial and home applications.

QPD’s worldwide supply chain will ensure no matter where you are, you will always have access to the best motorized speakers on the market today! Not only are our speakers eco-friendly, but they are easy to install and its 21st century design makes it more effective than its predecessors.

When you use QPD’s motorized directional speakers, you need fewer speakers since its sound is targeted to areas where it is most needed, saving you money on the cost of speakers. It also saves energy since its perfect directional capabilities require less power from the amp.

All QPD speakers are designed & engineered in the USA and meet European Standards / voltage requirements.

Directional Sound

Unparalleled state-of-the-art precision audio quality & performance.

Customer Service

Professional product support & training available 7 days a week.

Green Product

Maximize your budget & energy savings with audience targeted speakers.


Enjoy reliable worldwide expedited shipping and handling.

Why QPD?

QPD offers factory support & training 7 days a week and an unlimited supply of inventory.

Our team is dedicated to product development and distribution worldwide.

We’re ready to give you the audio experience you deserve. Contact us today for more information!

  • Satisfaction Guarantee 100%
  • Customer Rating 98.5%
  • Product Rating 99.7%
  • USA & European Voltage Compliance 100%
  • Estimated Energy Savings 75%
Robert Nay

Robert Nay

Founder, President

Robert has 40 years in professional sales, has created marketing campaigns that have generated millions of dollars in sales for some of the largest companies in the world.
Frank Mack

Frank Mack

Director of Audio Quality

Frank has 35+ years in the audio industry. He’s developed custom audio systems for high end commercial and residential locations throughout North America.